Sunday, March 25, 2012

We found a true treasure antique shopping TAYLOR SWIFT!!

Yesterday, my two daughters and I (ages 10 and 15) were going to the Agoura Antique Mall and while we were shopping we saw Taylor Swift and met her! Once we figured out that it was truly Taylor, my 15 year old, Tessa Rose, got teary-eyed and bright red in her face - I thought she was going to faint. You see, Tessa is Taylor biggest fan. We have gone to all her concerts. Tessa was so inspired by Taylor that we bought her a guitar for her 15th bday and she taught herself how to play. She plays several Taylor Swift songs and sings to them as well. (I was very impressed!) Taylor was very kind and humble and asked if we wanted to take some photos - so here they are. What a blessing - we will never forget yesterday. It was a God thing for sure.