Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Drinking coffee... me? What?

Helping my friend with her new blog site... now I am home drinking coffee (which I never do) so I can have some energy :) I am more of a hot chocolate or tea person. By the way Catherine, your tea was very tasty today :) Thanks!

Check her out at:


  1. Next time I have to make you my special tea from Teavana. It's really yummy... but not a black tea. I have beet root sugar to go with it... hmmm... they try to tell you that it is not sugar but you know it is... but it comes in "rocks" and is just fun when you are "teaing" with a friend. Can't wait to show you my self-threading, self-cutting sewing machine machine and some embroidery.

  2. We need to set a time to go sewing machine shopping - I am so excited!!